The House of Natural Fiber (HONF), Yogyakarta – Indonesia, is a New Media Art Laboratory, founded in 1999. It concentrates on the principles of critique and innovation. Since the beginning, the House of Natural Fiber has consistently focused on cultural development and New Media Art, running numerous New Media Art projects and workshops. In every project the organization concentrates on interactivity with people and environments, with a positive and creative vision. In the implementation of this vision, in every program, they work towards the development of art with technology.

Waag Society, institute for art, science and technology, develops creative technology for social innovation. The foundation conducts research, develops concepts, pilots and prototypes and acts as an intermediate between the arts, science and society. Waag Society cooperates with cultural, public and private parties and was founded in 1994 by Caroline Nevejan and Marleen Stikker. Stikker also initiated the Digital City, the first internet community in The Netherlands. Waag Society divides its projects in the following social domains: Healthcare, Culture, Society (public domain) and Education.

In the last week of May I visited the Fablab in Yogyakarta which we are setting up together with the people from HONF (House of Natural Fibre). The project aims to provide an infrastructure for the fablab in Yogyakarta and to develop a low cost prosthesis.

This video-report gives a short overview of my visit.

Door Gregor Abbas, Project Manager.